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Finding Digitalia eBook and ejournals on our database is easy. Simply visit our homepage and browse our collections there, or use our search box above: Yo can search there by author, isbn or title, or just launch a general full text search

You may also use our Advanced Search  page in a similar manner: http://public.digitaliapublishing.com/seav where you will find advanced options to search and improve your requests to our database.

Digitalia eBooks that you purchase are kept on Digitalia servers, or "cloud." This system allows you to better accessibility: since Digitalia eBooks are kept on the cloud, you don't have to worry about moving a downloaded version of your book from one device to another. As long as you have a Digitalia account and online connection, you should be able to access any Digitalia eBooks you have acess, from any computer, as well as most phones and e-readers.

Digitalia eBooks are a new way to discover and enjoy your favorite books online  powered by Digitalia. With Digitalia you can do the following:

  • Your Digitalia eBooks are stored safely in the digital cloud (Digitalia's computer servers), so you can read anywhere you go, using just about any device with an Internet connection. Digitalia eBooks are compatible with most Web browsers, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, and many eReaders.
  • Explore thousands of titles instantly. Discover your next Digitalia eBook among thousands of titles in every imaginable category. All Digitalia eBooks offer instant availability and unlimited storage.
  • Access your library anytime, anywhere. All of your Digitalia eBooks are stored wirelessly in one place, so you can access Your eBook Library from one account anytime, anywhere.

Digitalia ebooks are offered as pdf, flash and epub. You have available online readers that offer pdf and flash, and you can download your ebooks as pdf, and as epub when this is available.

Currently we offer access as PDF, Flash, EPUB and Multimedia products. We have a online viewer for pdf and flash and offer download of pdfs and epub. 

For multimedia products, like Ingles en 100 dias we have different contents in  video, audios, flash and pdf.