Cookies policy

1. Legislation

In accordance with European and Spanish Legislation on cookies, contained in Directive2002/58/CE by the European Parliament and the Council, of July 12th 2002, and RoyalDecree-Law 13/2012, of March 30th, we inform you about our cookies policy hereby.

2. Meaning

Cookies are text files that the server sends to your browser containing information aboutthe activity carried out on the website. This way, the server can consult it when required,both when you are logged in or during following visits to the web.


3. Cookies used by DIGITALIA

DIGITALIA, like most of the webpages, uses cookies to improve the usability of theirwebsite and because cookies are necessary to the proper working of the applicationsinside the website.

The only aim of the cookies incorporated by our website is to improve the usability of it.They are not used to collect personal information.

We describe the used cookies hereby:

Session cookies.- Cookies generated by the website and necessary to the proper workingof the pages and their applications. Session means that these cookies are deleted whenclosing the browser.

Web analytics cookies.- Our website uses Google Analytics cookies to collect data fromvisits, visited pages or other information for statistic purposes. It also uses Google Adwordscookies to collect information about the visits received by this ad source. In any casepersonal information is collected.

Social media cookies.- The inclusion of utilities for social media (Facebook, Twitter...),like the use of sharing buttons, also install cookies belonging to these organizations inorder to register these actions.

Cookies of external content modules.- Embedded modules by an iFrame whose contentis served by others. This is the case of the localization map of Google Maps.


4. Browser cookies management

As it was indicated in the definition of the term “cookies”, these text files are sent to yourbrowser, then you can modify the cookies management.

Generally you can modify it in the “Options” or “Preferences” section of your browser andyou can also deactivate the acceptance of cookies, delete the stored cookies or just restricttheir use. 




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